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Difference Between Electromagnetic Water Meter And Remote Water Meter

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Intelligent water meter is a new type of water meter that uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption, transmit water data and settle transactions. Compared with the traditional water meter, which only has the functions of flow collection and mechanical pointer to display water consumption, it is a great progress.

Electromagnetic water meter is a kind of intelligent water meter, which can be divided into plug-in type and pipe segment type. With the requirements of leakage control rate. At present, electromagnetic water meters are widely used in urban zoning measurement and leakage control.

Remote water meter is composed of ordinary mechanical water meter and electronic acquisition and transmission module. In short, it is a water meter with remote transmission function, that is, a water meter supporting remote meter reading. The measuring part of the remote water meter is a mechanical water meter, which has complex internal structure, with choke parts and pressure loss. The rotor is prone to mechanical wear, resulting in the decline of instrument accuracy and general measurement accuracy. The advantages are low price, compact structure and low power consumption.

At present, common remote water meters include photoelectric direct reading remote water meters, ultrasonic water meters, wireless remote water meters, etc. different types of remote water meters have different working principles.





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