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How To Choose Intelligent Water Meter?

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How to buy many domestic intelligent water meter brands? This problem starts from the water meter structure. The water meter uses the traditional mechanical water meter as the base meter, so choosing the intelligent water meter with high cost performance has the following two considerations:

First: Many intelligent water meter products on the market are assembled from the electronic modules of the company that purchased intelligent water meter solutions from the original mechanical watch factory. The products of such companies do not have core intellectual property rights, from the perspective of cost performance, it is not the best choice. If it is often damaged, it will lead to measurement disputes, which will affect the quality service reputation of property companies or water companies. Therefore, we should choose companies with independent research and development strength.

Second: we must choose a smart meter reading application system. It is best to bring the functions of the equipment operation and maintenance management platform, so as to ensure long-term stable use. Intelligent water meter is a sensing terminal, SAAS-based software application platform is the core. For example, the combined lease hydropower cloud system can realize the functions of water meter, electricity meter data collection, hydropower prepayment management, overdue shutdown, financial statement statistical analysis, system equipment operation and maintenance management, etc; tenants can use WeChat public number + mini program to realize functions such as water and electricity charges redeem voucher, fault repair, electricity and water query, etc.

Purchasing intelligent water meter depends not only on the hardware manufacturer itself, but also on whether there is a powerful application system, and then combines the actual needs of property hydropower management to choose the products with the highest cost performance.





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