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How To Correct The Water Meter Reading

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The calibration of the water meter includes the requirements for the accuracy of the reading of the water meter or its individual parts to the corresponding standards, rules, and instructions. The recalibration of the finished meter is carried out at the manufacturer by adjusting the individual units of the water meter mechanism. The adjustment of the instruments shall be carried out by the technicians of the waterworks or the offices specially managed and adjusted during the installation and use of them. The main specifications (flow coefficient, transition coefficient, pipe coefficient, etc.) of the water meter are determined by the test method and are called calibration of the water meter or its parts.

In addition, in order to check the accuracy of the meter reading, after the meter is made and adjusted, or during the operation of the meter (after a certain period of time), the water meter or its individual parts must be inspected.

Inspection of a water meter or its individual parts, including the comparison of the readings of the water meter or its parts with the readings of an accurate (standard) meter.





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