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How To Install A Mechanical Water Meter

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Mechanical water meters are a commonly used device for measuring water consumption, and installation is not difficult. The following is an introduction to the installation steps of a mechanical water meter.

1. Determine the installation location of the water meter: First, determine the installation location of the mechanical water meter. Before determining the location, consider the surrounding environment and the distance from the water supply pipeline, try to choose a location that is convenient for reading water meter data, and also choose a more ventilated and dry environment for longer and more convenient use.

2. Installation of bracket and expansion bolt: Drill the water meter bracket onto the wall as the foundation for installing the water meter, select the corresponding fixing screws, and use expansion bolts to prevent fracture due to unconventional circumstances such as earthquakes.

3. Prevention of pipeline leakage: Before installing the water meter, interfaces should be added at the connection between the inlet and outlet pipes to prevent pipeline leakage. And it is necessary to ensure that the inner wall of the pipeline is lubricated during installation, the valve is maintained smooth, or problems such as expansion, cracks, fractures, etc. are addressed.

4. Connect the inlet and outlet: After relieving the pressure at the connection between the inlet and outlet and the water pipe, connect the inlet and outlet ports of the water meter to the water pipe. Be sure to make the connection tight at this time to prevent water leakage.

5. Turn on the water source: After the connection is completed, it is necessary to turn on the water source to flush the pipeline, eliminate foreign objects in the pipeline, ensure the safety of the temporary work, and then start reading the data of the water meter.

Overall, the installation of mechanical water meters is not complicated. As long as you master the steps and follow the operating requirements, you can complete the installation very well. During the installation of water meters, special attention should be paid to the safety and quality of water pipes to ensure the accuracy of measurement data and ensure the effectiveness of use.





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