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How To Maintain The Intelligent Water Meter?

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Intelligent water meter is a new type of water meter which uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology and intelligent IC card technology to measure water consumption, transmit water data and settle transactions. The intelligent water meter is more convenient than the traditional water meter. Here is how to maintain the intelligent water meter.

After using the water meter for a period of time, some scale will be generated. If it cannot be cleaned in time, the normal operation of the water meter will be affected, resulting in metering errors of the intelligent water meter, and even transmission errors. Therefore, for intelligent water meters, regular cleaning and maintenance is very necessary. When cleaning the intelligent water meter, pay attention to ensure the cleanness around the intelligent water meter and avoid the corrosion of some acid-base substances on the intelligent water meter. In winter, when the weather is cold, pay attention to the heat preservation of the water meter to avoid damage to the water meter due to low temperature.





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