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Maintenance Of Domestic Water Meters

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Maintenance of domestic water meters. In order to plan water use and save water, every household in the city now has a water meter. The water meter is a very sophisticated instrument. It should be taken care of and should not be dismantled. It cannot be repaired by itself. Pay special attention to not hitting and hitting. Keep it clean. dry. In the winter, if the indoor water pipe is frozen, it is forbidden to bake with fire. Only use 70-80qO hot water to pour the water pipe to dissolve the ice, or raise the room temperature to dissolve it. If the water pipe faucet is installed outdoors, when it is not used in winter, it is necessary to close the water pipe valve, open the faucet and drain the remaining water below the valve, and the waterproof pipe icing affects the safe use of the water meter.





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