Smart Water Meter Application

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First, the prepaid water meter:

1. Introduction: The prepaid water meter is generally composed of a signal base meter with a signal output, a control valve, a main control board, and an IC card holder or coil (used with the RF card). It pioneered the water usage model of “pay first, then use water”, which uses IC cards as the charging medium. After the water unit and the individual hold the card to purchase the water at the designated water purchase point, the IC card with the water quantity data is stored in the smart water meter. When the residents use water, the remaining water in the table will continue to decrease. When the water volume is reduced to the preset alarm water volume, the water meter will close the valve alarm. When the water volume is reduced to the set valve closing water volume, the water volume will close the valve and the water will be shut off. At this time, the user It is necessary to deposit the water again to use the water again.

2, Product analysis:


1 Effectively solved the problem of water fee arrears that have long plagued water supply enterprises;

2 The length of such a water meter can be consistent with that of an ordinary water meter. When the old household is transformed, it is very convenient to replace the ordinary water meter with such a water meter.


1 Because such water meters are not connected to the Internet and cannot be read in real time, an important economic indicator of the water supply enterprise--the rate of production and sales cannot be counted, so that the water supply dispatching cannot be caused and the water supply imbalance is caused;

2 Due to the inability to monitor in real time, there are many management loopholes. When the water meter appears to be unable to measure normally or the valve is out of control, it will inevitably cause direct economic losses to the water supply enterprise.

3. Application: Due to the imbalance of social culture and regional economic development, the use of water resources and the awareness of conscious payment are insufficient. Most cities in China still face difficulties in water pricing and water disputes. The water fee arrears have affected the management of the water supply sector in small and medium-sized cities. In particular, the problem of water fee arrears in northern China is very serious, so prepaid water meters have a considerable market in the north.





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