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What Accessories do you need to make a tap water meter?

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The internal structure of traditional water meter can be divided into three parts: shell, sleeve and inner core. The shell is made of pig iron. After water comes out of the water inlet, it passes through the lower annular space of the shell, which is called "lower annular chamber". On the top of this annular space, there is an "upper ring chamber" connected with the water outlet. There is a filter screen with small holes at the bottom of the sleeve to filter out the sundries in the water.

There are two rows of round holes on the side of the sleeve, and the position of the holes is just opposite to the upper and lower ring chambers of the shell. Obviously, the lower row is the water inlet hole and the upper row is the water outlet hole. It is particularly noteworthy that these two rows of holes are made obliquely along the tangent direction of the circle.

Note that the direction of the upper and lower rows of holes is opposite. When water flows in the tangential direction from the lower discharge hole, it is bound to form a rotating water flow, which is very important for the work of the water meter. The inner core is divided into upper, middle and lower layers. From the glass window, you can see the upper layer, only the pointer and dial. In fact, the key is the lower layer. There is a plastic wheel inside. There are many plastic blades on the edge of the wheel, which are called "impeller".

The position of the impeller is just in the rotating flow formed by the lower hole of the casing. The water impacts the blades around the wheel to produce torque and make the impeller rotate. The larger the tap is turned on, the faster the water flows, and the faster the impeller rotates.

The shaft of the impeller reaches the middle layer vertically upward, and there is a pinion on the shaft, which is meshed with the "decimal gear" to achieve the purpose of cumulative revolutions. The function of "decimal gear" is that whenever the single digit gear turns ten turns, the ten digit gear turns one turn.





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