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What Are The Advantages Of The Pulse Output Water Meter?

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Water meter is widely used in daily life.Pulse Output Water Meter a water meter with comprehensive functions, has attracted more and more attention in the current society. This water meter attracts more and more consumers with its unique advantages.

A) distance

The water meter with very unique design has the characteristics of transmitting with or without source. It can output a square wave signal without power supply, and the distance is up to one kilometer

B) signal accuracy

The signal transmitted by Pulse Output Water Meter is very accurate. The water meter has a self-retaining function, which avoids the possibility of sending signals by mistake and ensures the signal has no error.

C) anti - magnetic anti - theft

Avoid the user's stolen the phenomenon of water, pulse meter is fully sealed structure, moisture-proof, waterproof, and not only can prevent stolen water phenomenon, even if the watch will reverse connection can also accumulate water meter also has antimagnetic function, as a table of stainless steel shell, and shielding layer is added, the magnetic interference phenomenon has a lot of prevention, put an end to steal water phenomenon.

D) Strong adaptability and complete detection function

Pulse meter ability of adaptive system is very strong, can according to different system to design the internal circuit, for all kinds of meter reading system can easily adapt to, and can design different water amount, according to the needs of users for the user all the abnormal state of water can be very accurate detection, achieve the goal of monitoring water users.

E) Universal and long life

No matter what kind of base meter is required by the user, the Pulse Output Water Meter is universal, which is very rare, and its service life is particularly long, compared with ordinary water meter life, the service life of the remote part can be up to ten years.

In general, the advantages of Pulse Output Water Meter is very much, and distance signal codes, strong adaptability and more optimized in terms of detection, prevent all kinds of stolen water phenomenon occurs, the service life is long, its advantages favored by more system, and stable performance of the pulse meter in the market will be more potential in the future.





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