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NB-IoT Smart Water Meter

Model:  LXSGY
Size:  1/2”(DN15), 3/4”(DN20),1”(DN25)

YOUWIN have a wide variety of highly accurate NB-IoT Smart Water Meter and designed for use in waterworks application by networks.


This series network smart water meter is mainly measuring the total quantity of potable water passing through the pipeline and transmitting pulse or non-magnetic signals from the flow of water. It could be collect charges of potable water meter or tap water from user and widely used in households, apartments, high rise commercial buildings etc. It can solve the difficulties encountered by charging users, and there is no need to go to the site to read the water meter. It uses the public GPRS network, which has more stable transmission and wider coverage.


18WT This NB-IoT Smart Water Meter is mainly composed of mechanical base meter, electronic module and upper plastic shell..

18WT Base meter can use dry or wet type mechanism according to clients demand, and has the antifreeze function.

18WT Electronic module and base meter can installed separately, which can be reused, and easy installation.

18WT After electronic module installed on the base meter, no affect the mechanical reading and ensure the safety and accuracy of data transmission.

18WT Base meter can use brass/cast iron/plastic body with remote function & valve control according to clients demand , to realize pre-paid or after-payment function.

18WT GPRS or GSM wireless wiring according to the demand, which is convenient for management and maintenance.

18WT Large capacity battery, ensure 6+2 year life, low failure rate and power consumption.

18WT Adopt new NB-IoT data transmission technology, wide network coverage, stable and reliable for data.

18WT This series can combined with meter reading system, a remote automatic meter reading management system can be establish to realize the automation of meter reading.


The NB-IoT Smart Water Meter is mainly consists of a body, a measuring chamber, a register unit with magnetic/non magnetic needle, wireless module, 3.6V Lithium battery, a retaining ring with lid. The retaining ring and plastic cover secures the internal parts and module.


Technical data conforms to ISO 4064:2015 Standard for horizontal installation.

Threaded connections comply with BSP Standard.


Working temperature Class: T30 or T50 for cold water meter

Working Pressure Class: MAP10 or MAP16

Pressure Loss Class: P63

Upstream Disturbance Class: U5

Downstream Disturbance Class: U0


This series smart water meter will complete with 2 couplings, 2 nuts, 2 coupling gaskets and 2 spud thread protectors.


In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is: Cold potable water meter ± 5%

In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is: Cold potable water meter ± 2%

NB-IoT Wm_2Data



Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Phone : 0086-574-88086291
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Whatsapp : 0086-13306629606





   Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Phone : 0086-574-88086291
      Mobile: 0086-13306629606
      Mobile: 0086-18067419161
  Water Meter & Accessories Department:
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   Whatsapp : 0086-13306629606
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