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Lora Wan Smart Water Meter

Model:  LXSGY
Size:  1/2”(DN15), 3/4”(DN20),1”(DN25)


This series of water meter is mainly measuring the total quantity of potable water passing through the pipeline and transmitting pulse or non-magnetic signals from water flow. It could be collect charges of potable water or tap waterfrom user and widely used in households, apartments, high rise commercial buildings etc.


18WT A complete meter is mainly composed of mechanical base meter, electronic module and upper plastic shell.

18WT Base meter can use dry or wet type mechanism according to clients demand, and has the antifreeze function.

18WT Electronic module and base meter can installed separately, which can be reused, and easy installation.

18WT After electronic module installed on the base meter, no affect the mechanical reading and ensure the safety and accuracy of data transmission.

18WT Base meter can use brass body with remote function & valve control according to clients demand , to realize pre-paid or after-payment function.

18WT GPRS or GSM wireless wiring according to the demand,which is convenient for management and maintenance.

18WT Large capacity battery, ensure 6+1 year life, low failure rate and power consumption.

18WT Adopt new NB-loT data transmission technology, wide network coverage, stable and reliable for data.

18WT This serier water meter can combined with meter reading system, a remote automatic meter reading management syster can be establish to realize the automation of meter reading.

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Mainly used in the remote meter reading and data analytics and processing, the data concentrator achieves the functionalities such as: centralized meter reading of water meters and data remote transmission.The system can automatically switch between the collector mode and the data transfer mode. And the administrator can log in to the cloud platform and proactively issue commands tothe data collector.


-- > Main control system uses of high performance ARM processor;

-- > Uses of high quality GPRS/DTU module, supports data network remote reading;

-- > Supports functionalities such as regular AMR, manual meter reading, automatic analytics of protocol,offline working. supports local data storage,malfunction reports.;

-- > The full Netcom GPRS communication module can automatically identify the SIM card according to different installation environments;

-- > Offers multiple types of second development interfaces,facilitating the incorporation into the 3rd meter reading management system;

-- > 220V AC power supply ensures the acquisition frequency;

-- > lt supports the reading and control of reading ultrasonic water meters,lora wireless water meters and photoelectric AMR remote water meters.

Power supply 220V AC
Processing unit ARM Cortex-M3
Memory 2M Flash, 256K SRAM
Communication lnterfaces Uplink RS232, GPRS/DTU; Downlink M-BUS cable or RS485 cable, Protocols: Compliant with CJ/T 188-2004 protocol
Protocols Compliant with CJ/T 188-2004 protocol
M-BUS data format Baud rate: 300bps - 9600bps
M-BUS load capacity 80UL (1UL=1.5mA) (exemplary)
M-BUS line voltage High Level: 36V±1V; Low Level:24V±1V
Power supply AC 90-264V
Output impedance <64Ω
Communication range (wired) <1km (may be affected by factors such as no.of nodes and cable type, cabling)
Communication range (wired) Not limited by distance, but requires high GPRS signal strength
Protection M-BUS short circuit protected, overload warning
Maximum connection 240pcs water meter (wired)

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   Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Phone : 0086-574-88086291
      Mobile: 0086-13306629606
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