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Smart Water Meter Test Bench

Full Automatic Verification Smart Water Meter Test Bench
(For Dn15 to 25mm water meter,weighing scale method)

Application: Using for complete test for water meter in production or inspection workshop.

1. Products Overview:

The Full Automatic Verification Smart Water Meter Test Bench adopts automatic control, automatic detection and data intelligent processing statistics, have the high efficiency of the meter is  and the effectively solved for interference of water mist bubble, and the high verification accuracy. It also has the following characteristics:

1.1 Full Automatic Verification Smart Water Meter Test Bench compared with the traditional manual verification test bench, the modenest bench’s operation is simple, and the whole process computer calculate the error avoids the human factor.

1.2 To improve the efficiency of meter checking, the original manual meter checking device detects a batch of water meters for 30 to 40 minutes, and it only takes 5 to 8 minutes to upgrade and transform into an automatic water meter detecting device to detect a batch of water meters.

1.3 Energy saving, water saving, electricity saving, labor saving, fully automatic, sharing network, saving auxiliary materials.

1.4 Strong data management function: the software can automatically complete the whole process of inspection and count verification conclusions, can save all water meter verification data, with verification records query, correction, statistics, printing and other perfect functions, It can also realize the network of multiple inspection devices to realize the management and query of water meter data,  that called Internet + mode.

1.5 Novel construction: use aluminum alloy profile to be front-end collection support, appearance high-end atmosphere, improve corporate’s images.

1.6.Easy to operation: front-end acquisition device high-speed camera to add automatic recognition function for main center plum wheel, at the same time high-speed camera embedded in the adjustment code of main center plum wheel, can adjust the main center plum wheel’s up and down through the high-speed camera button to move left and right.

1.1 Comply with Standards and procedures as following:

*JJG259-2005 《Metal Gauge Standard 》

*JJG162-2019 《Verification Regulation for Cold Water Meter》

*JJG1113-2015 《Verification Regulation for Water Meter》

*JJG1030-2007《Verification Regulation of Ultrasonic Flowmeters》

*JJG1033-2007《Verification Regulation of Electromagnetic Flowmeters》



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Phone : 0086-574-88086291
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Whatsapp : 0086-13306629606





   Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Phone : 0086-574-88086291
      Mobile: 0086-13306629606
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