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The Basic Principle Of Smart Water Meters

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The Basic Principle Of Smart Water Meters

The appearance of the smart card water meter is basically the same as that of the ordinary water meter, and the installation process is basically the same. The use of the card water meter is very simple. From the user's point of view, it is time to insert the card into the water meter. The working process of the card water meter is as follows: the amount of the card is placed in the water meter card reader, and the opening amount of the valve is recognized and downloaded by the microcomputer module, and the user can use the water normally. When in use, the water sampling device starts to collect water consumption, converts the required electronic signal into a microcomputer module for measurement, and displays it on the liquid crystal display module. When the user's water volume drops to a certain value, the module performs an audible alarm, prompting the user to pay for the card to purchase water. If the water volume is exceeded, the microcomputer module will automatically close the electronic control valve and cut off the water supply. Until the user inserts the card, the payment has been made, the valve is activated and the water supply begins.






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