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Volumetric Type Liquid-filled Water Meter

Model:  PD-LFC
Size:  1/2”(DN15), 3/4”(DN20),1”(DN25)

YOUWIN water meters are highly accurate, top quality of Volumetric water meters for residential applications. Our water meters can be installed with or without AMR/AMI system, compatible with different IoT protocols.


Volumetric Type Liquid-filled Water Meter is the device fitted into a closed conduit, which consists of chambers of known volume and a mechanism driven by the flow, whereby these chambers are successively filled with water and then emptied. The water to be measured enters the inlet of the body and its pressure sets the piston into rotation. Every rotational cycle of the piston discharge a fixed volume of water to the meter of body. The number of rotation of the piston is totalized through a reduction gear, to totalize in the register, when the total volume of water is registered.


A certain amount of water as defined by meter body passing through makes piston move. The measuring structure records its movements. Movements times defined amount making total amount of water passed registered.


This series is a liquid filled register for rotary piston water meter and used to measure the total quantity of cold potable water which consumed in household or a resident unit, passing through the pipeline.  


18WT Volumetric Type Liquid-filled Water Meter, adopt piston rotation principle, low cost, compact design;

18WT Especially suitable for the area of good water quality and water temperatures to 90ºC for hot water;

18WT Mechanical parts use of high quality materials to ensure a stable characteristic;

18WT Register is a special liquid sealed to ensure a clear reading in long term service;

18WT Suitable for installation in any orientation. The accuracy is not to be affected wherever installed at the horizontal, vertical or inclined pipeline;

18WT Non-taxic, non-pollution, epoxy coating for surface treatment with a nice looking and for a long life;

18WT Revolutionary grooved piston for improved, durability and performance;

18WT Vertical Type Rotary Piston Water Meter, durable tamper proof construction;

18WT Measuring accuracy conform with ISO4064 R160 or R200 or Class C or D standard.

18WT Pulse output available providing the remote transmission device with Reed Switch or pre-installation pulse for optional, Pulse Output: 10Liters per pulse, and the cable’s default length be 1.5m;


Volumetric Type Liquid-filled Water Meter is mainly consists of a copper lower body, a measuring unit, a register, a upper body, a transmission assembly and a lid.


Every water meter will complete with 2 couplings, 2 nuts, 2 coupling gaskets and 2 spud thread protectors.


Working temperature Class: T30 or T50 for cold water meter

T90 for hot water meter

Working Pressure Class: MAP16

Pressure Loss Class:    P63

Upstream Disturbance Class: U5

Downstream Disturbance Class: U0


In the lower zone from Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is: Cold potable and hot water meter ± 5%

In the upper zone from Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is: Cold potable water meter ± 2%,  hot water meter ± 3%


When using it,if there are impurities(cotton fibre,scraps of paper,silt,etc.)in the pipe,which make the inlet strainer easily stopped up.And if you find the water meter goes fast or slow,even stops,you should go to the Water authorities to have it overhauled regularly in one or two years.

1.Thoroughly flush the service line upstream of the meter to remove dirt and debris.

2.Remove meter spud thread protectors.

NOTE:To protect the meter spud threads,store the meter with thread protectors in place.

3.Set the meter in the line.Install the meter in a horizontal plane,with the register upright,in a location accessible for reading, service and inspection.Arrows on the side of the meter and above the outlet spud indicate the direction of flow.

4.Do not over tighten connections;tighten only as required to seal.Do not use pipe sealant or Teflon tape on meter threads.

5.If meter is equipped with an electrical contacting head register,line up molded tabs on inside of reed switch with corresponding indentions of receptacle on face of meter.Insert reed switch and turn 1/4 turn to lock in place.

6.Tie black and red wires on opposite end of reed switch to corresponding black and red water meter wires on controller.Insulate connection with water-proof wrapping.

7.With upstream shut off valve only:

Open shutoff valve slowly,to remove air from the meter and service line.Open a faucet slowly to allow entrapped air to escape.Close the faucet.

With both upstream and downstream shutoff valves installed:

To test the installation for leaks: Close the outlet(downstream)shutoff valve.Open the inlet(upstream)shutoff slowly until meter is full of water.

Open the outlet(downstream)valve slowly until air is out of meter and service line.Open a faucet slowly to allow entrapped air to escape.Close the faucet.



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Phone : 0086-574-88086291
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   Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Phone : 0086-574-88086291
      Mobile: 0086-13306629606
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