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Mechanical Water Meter Test Bench

YWFATB-15-50 Multi-meters Connecting Verification Mechanical Water Meter Test Bench
( Weighing Scale Method+Flow Time Method)

1.Compliance with standard:

1.1 ISO 4064:2005《Water meters for cold potable water and hot water-Part 2》

1.2 GB/T 778—2007《Water meters for cold potable water and hot water-Part 3》

1.3  OIML R49:2006(E)《Water meters for measurement cold potable water and hot water》

1.4 JJG162—2019《National Metrological Verification Regulation for Drinking Cold Water Meter》

1.5 JJG1113--2015《Water meter Verification Device》Verification Regulation

2. Main Function:

2.1 Mechanical Water Meter Test Bench adopts the connection by static weight scale method and flow time method (Quickly) high speed camera control full automatic verification test bench with 10 meters , can automatically collect the value data of the standard  and the data of measured water meters.

2.2 Automatic verification of all kinds of water meters according to manually set each flow point or flow rate (can be added or deleted) .

2.3 The controller and display can show the actual working condition of the verification work, which is advantageous for the worker to monitor at any time.

2.4 According to the setting parameters, automatically calculate the error, determine whether qualified or not. It can print, store and query all kinds of verification data.

2.5 Automatic verification for DN15-50mm various types of water meters and under measurement class 1, such as speed type, volumetric water meter, remote-reading water meter, electronic water meter and so on.

2.6 With the function of automatic pressure test, the water meter can be endurance tested, inspect to 1.6 MPa (maximum 2.0 MPa) can automatically stop and maintain, after holding to the specified time can automatically restore.

2.7 Mechanical Water Meter Test Bench can fully meet the requirements of the verification regulation of JJG162-2019 potable water for cold water meter and the verification regulation of JJG1113-2015 water meter verification device for the first verification and type evaluation (flow error measurement part) of the water meter.

3. Main Technical parameters:

3.1  Total accuracy class of device: Weigh Scale method is better than 0.2.

3.2 Working pressure of water source:0.3~0.5 Mpa, the adjustable, working pressure of air source:0.4~0.6MPa.

3.3 The measuring medium: tap water; the flow range: 0.004~40 m/h; the working temperature: 0℃~50℃.

3.4 Tested water meters size and qty:


3.5 The range of Pressure Test: 0.3MPa~2.0MPa.

3.6 The instantaneous flow indicator uses a glass rotor flow meter to cover the flow verification requirements of the tested water meter.

3.7 Measurement standard Device:

3.7.1 The device is equipped with 600 kg with full range verification indexing value of 1/6000 and display indexing value of 1/60000 and two electronic scales with high stability of 30 kg as standard device.

3.7.2 The electronic scale adopts two combinations to meet the accuracy requirements of each flow point. Ensure that the electronic scale runs on the best measurement section during the measurement process.

3.8 Container:

3.8.1 According to the field conditions and verification requirements, the shape of weighing container is reasonably designed, which be not easy to deform, has sufficient strength and volume to meet the requirements of water for verification.  The material of container: Stainless Steel 304.

3.8.2 The calibration of non-unloading container on-line should be realized, and the weighing container can be removed from the scale by manual operation.

3.8.3 The Weighing table be level, stable, and the container discharge unobstructed without vibration.

3.9 Operating System:

3.9.1 The system has a good operating interface to meet the actual requirement of verification, all verification data can be stored in time, backup, also can be queried or deleted at any time. The query function should include the data such as time,serial number and so on. For convenient to quick query.

3.9.2 All verification reports can be printed directly in accordance with the requirements of the technical specifications. It can be printed individually or stored in the database.

3.9.3 The software is suitable for the buyer to use, if have to modify and upgrade to provide free service in time.

3.9.4 The whole control system can inspect the automatic value and detection of all the test items. After setting the flow point, the computer can control the continuous verification until the verification is completed. and facilitate interrupt control and inspection and maintenance.

3.9.5 Automatic collection and recording of piping pressure and temperature.

3.9.6 The computer uses brand machine, main frequency upto 2.8 G, memory upto 2 G, hard disk upto 500 G, 20 inch LCD, A4 laser printer etc.

3.10 Camera:

3.10.1 The meter is collected by high speed dynamic camera, and the reading is better than 1% of the minimum reading disk of the meter, which can accurately identify the water consumption of different kinds of new water meters and old water meters with less fuzzy pointers.

3.10.2 Using the professional high-speed camera developed by our company to collect the center gear of water meter, the camera frequency is not less than 1000 frames per second.

3.10.3 The camera system has automatic focusing and automatic capture function.

3.11 Others:

3.11.1 Adopt self-contained water pump and steady-stabilized tank to form an independent circulating steady-stabilized water supply system.

3.11.2.The pipes, valves and flanges are usually made of stainless steel or copper, and the appearance and welding of the containers and pipes are polished and polished into subgloss.

3.11.3 Water supply pressure, pressure and temperature sensors each 1 pc.



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   Add : Fengcheng Village, Jishigang Town, Haishu District,Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Phone : 0086-574-88086291
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